Blue Ever Blue LLC Introduces HDSS

Blue Ever Blue LLC Introduces HDSS
By Bentley Plummer

Blue Ever Blue LLC introduces HDSS, a patented sound technology that delivers undistorted sound waves to the eardrum. HDSS was produced for hearing individuals but it has been found to be effective for people with hearing loss. Blue Ever Blue manufactures affordable HDSS in-ear earphones that when
used with a smartphone and a hearing assistance app are incredibly effective and produce clear sounds at restaurants, theaters, meeting, and movies. Even without the app they provide remarkable clarity for listening to radio programs, books, videos on the computer, etc.

Here are basic instructions on how to set this up for premier hearing assistance. First take your hearing aids out and place them somewhere safe. Insert the HDSS in-ear earphones into your smartphone’s headphone jack. Insert the HDSS earphones in your ears properly, open the hearing assistance app, and point the smartphone at the sound you would like to hear.

There are many hearing assistance apps available for your smartphone. We recommend the Jacoti ListenApp® available for free download from the iOS app store. However there are many other hearing assistance apps available to download for free or at minimal cost from the iOS app store and from the Google Play Store.

HDSS sound technology distinguishes itself from conventional sound technologies in its patented ability to prevent the heat build-up in the speaker enclosure by creating a dynamic volume area which allows heat and pressure to remain constant within the enclosure thereby allowing frequency waves to evolve naturally without distortion. This undistorted sound reaches the eardrum in a pure state allowing the brain which interprets sound to do so with much less difficulty. For people with hearing loss there is usually some damage to the cilia receptors located in the cochlea. HDSS might not improve this damage but it removes one less obstacle to the work of the brain in comprehending the sound source. Blue Ever Blue is committed to bring this exciting new technology to the community and is working hand in hand with HLAA to assist in helping people hear and communicate better. HLM

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