Personalize your tinnitus sound therapy

Grant D. Searchfield, Mithila Durai and Tania Linford, audiology researchers at
 the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand and authors of "A State of the Art Review: Personalization of Tinnitus Sound Therapy " conclude their report by stating:

"The basis of sound therapy is the belief that increasing extrinsic sound driven activity of the auditory system reduces tinnitus. This does not mean sound therapy is uniform in its application; instead it covers many dimensions and presumed mechanisms of effect. Current commentary on sound therapy fails to fully recognize this heterogeneity in application. At the same time few sound therapies can truly be considered personalized to make the most of their purported mechanisms. Much of the literature surveyed used the terms “customized” or “tailored” in terms of a single dimension rather than viewing tinnitus as a complex combination of dimensions. Tools exist for personalizing and planning treatments, they should be integrated into patient care, and their usefulness tested."