Tinnitus Tunes President Evaluates the MD-1PM Audio Monitor

Hi Bentley

Thanks the monitor did arrive, I was impressed how quickly it was delivered given Covid_19 challenges.

 It is certainly a powerful speaker with a what I would describe as a clean sound rather than a warm sound.

 I believe it works well for playing masking or relaxing sounds, particularly for people who want to listen to those sounds for several hours per day and find it uncomfortable to wear headphones for extended periods.

 For the brain training sounds where we ask people to identify 3 sounds within an overall sound file including the direction the sounds are coming from a good quality headphone set is better at identifying the location. However, I am aware that some of our members don’t like wearing headphones and the monitor is way better than my computer speakers. We also emphasise that if you cannot identify the direction the sound is coming from it is not important, it is the focus and concentration of exercising the brain that is important.

 It is difficult for me to judge how someone who is partially deaf would find the monitor, because if anything I tend towards sound sensitivity.

 I am comfortable recommending the monitor to members who do struggle with headphones or who are partially deaf.

So thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this quality piece of equipment.

 Best regards

Tom Donaldson

Tinnitus Tunes