The requirement for the audio/video marketplace is for a professional audio monitor that is efficient, has low distortion, flat frequency response, is not room-placement specific and that has a totally neutral sound dispersion pattern. It must also be small, affordable and blend acoustically with a subwoofer that may have to be placed where it physically fits best in the room. This is virtually impossible  for the existing speaker technology, which currently generates products of high quality sound only for wealthy or committed individuals with plenty of extra space. HDSS eliminates the biggest enemies of the speaker driver, the enclosure itself and the room's negative effects on placement. In doing so it creates for the first time an enclosure, which improves the drivers operation in real acoustic spaces. This is caused by creating a coherent controlling internal pressure from the source signal itself, which drives the entirety of the diaphragm's surface to full frequency range thus resisting the effects of lower pressure reflections. The room becomes acoustically friendly and positioning is now unlimited. 

How It Works ​

Developed and put forward by the TBI Audio Systems LLC,  HDSS®  (High Definition Sound Standard) is a brand new set of technologies that allow an exceptional quality of sound with low cost. HDSS technology helps earpieces playback sound naturally under any condition. When using products with HDSS technology, you can feel the following effects: Precise playback with no disturbances, great sense of presence with 3D sound, and minimized stress through using the product. ETL (Embedded Transmission Line) modules are essential to the HDSS® technologies. ETL modules placed behind earpieces, drive units, and radiators will keep the pressure and temperature inside to make the sound consistent.

Chaos or Order 

Exceptional frequency response, dispersion, dynamic range all attributes of larger speakers are actually characteristics of the Majestic. HDSS technology is the only solution for small monitors that don't place emphasis on your speakers so your ears know that something is special; You no longer need a speaker system that competes with your visual space. You only have to listen and if you get close to other small speakers you really hear the Chaos existing inside the enclosure. If all of the sound that you hear is all over the room then where is all of the sound on the other side of the drivers' cone? It remains trapped in the box bombarding the cone with chaotic sound waves that cause a sound character termed boxy and colored. This problem exists with all speakers, especially small ones, which is why better speakers are usually deep and with greater volume. 

HDSS technology takes all of the chaos in the enclosure and transforms it into useful energy that can orderly reinforce the drivers' output across the full frequency range. When you get close to the Diamonds you hear all of the detail of the sound just as you hear with quality headphones, it doesn't sound loud yet when you back away the same volume seems to remain with you. With the Diamonds, the sweet spot is focused and there is a panoramic duplication of this sweet spot almost anywhere in the room that you can sit. You can be seated, on the floor, standing up or located anywhere in front or the side of your flat display and the instruments, vocals and dialogue remain clear, intelligible and localized. 

Struggle of Convention

Traditional audio technologies utilize various materials and electronic parts in attempting to solve the heat dilemma inherent in sound reproduction. The loudspeaker cone is constantly in motion leaving no time to remove the increasing heat which causes sound distortion. The graphical depiction above conveys an isochoric thermodynamic process showing the build up of pressure caused by increasing heat. Conventional sound systems are hampered by this situation which produces undesirable distorted sounds.


8 Improvements of HDSS Technology