Here are some personal testimonies from our wonderful users! See how HDSS® products can help change your listening experience for the better.

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I find listening to the HDSS speaker greatly relieves the tinnitus buzz in my ears, another symptom of my multiple sclerosis. - York Van Nixon III, author and music promoter, Washington D.C.

It sounds so… natural. You don’t have to play it loud for me to hear everything clearly. - Ray, 73, refuses to follow doctor's orders and use hearing aids.

That moment when your more than 50% deaf child hears what the rest of the world hears in stereo! Thank you, from Ian & Mom! - Gina Picconatto-Anderson, Bay City, Michigan.

I'm enjoying the music...it's making me tear up. Can still understand you talking to me while the music is playing. That's unreal! - Charles, 70, with both hearing aids (8k each) removed.

I have severe hearing loss so I welcome the ability of HDSS technology to produce sufficient volume with very little distortion. - Charles Motokoff, Classical Guitarist

  My name is Ed. I was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), which led to my current blindness. Along with RP, I was diagnosed during early childhood with Usher Syndrome, an inner-ear nerve-loss condition that progressed to my present state of profound deafness.

When I was growing up, I did not feel comfortable wearing hearing aids, because the technology was not very good in those days. So, I was taught to read lips instead, which helped me to succeed in high school and later in my university studies.

The one thing I really enjoyed was listening to music. So, I began collecting old vinyl 45’s. Although I could not hear the words to the music, I really liked how the songs sounded to me.

After graduating from the university, I purchased two hearing aids. That opened a whole new universe of sound to me. But still, I could only hear a few words of the lyrics. My hearing worsened over the years and caused me to search for more powerful hearing aids. Their effect was marginal, but that was better than the eternal silence most people with this condition must live with everyday.

All of that changed when I was introduced to speakers made by HDSS®. I was stunned and amazed by the power and clarity of sounds that came from these speakers. Since I have a high-frequency loss, I am now able to hear sounds that I have long forgotten. The clarity of sound is truly amazing; it is very crisp and detailed. I can now hear most of the words of those old and very memorable records.

HDSS® speakers allow me to experience for the first time in my life the emotional intensity of music, like bass, which I hear better than other frequencies. Listening to music through these wonderful speakers is like experiencing a live performance. It seems as though my home comes alive as sound explodes from these speakers. As I move from room to room, I still hear the music as though I’m sitting near the stage. What is also amazing is how so much sound emanates from these small, but very powerful speakers.

I have overcome many challenges during my life. For someone who really enjoys music and does not take hearing for granted, I am truly grateful to HDSS. I appreciate the opportunity to hear quality sound. Thank you HDSS! - Edward Raithel, Marietta, Georgia


Hi Bentley,

Thanks the monitor did arrive, I was impressed how quickly it was delivered given Covid_19 challenges.

It [MD - 1 PM] is certainly a powerful speaker with what I would describe as a clean sound rather than a warm sound. I believe it works well for playing masking or relaxing sounds, particularly for people who want to listen to those sounds for several hours per day and find it uncomfortable to wear headphones for extended periods.

For the brain training sounds where we ask people to identify 3 sounds within an overall sound file including the direction the sounds are coming from a good quality headphone set is better at identifying the location. However, I am aware that some of our members don’t like wearing headphones and the monitor is way better than my computer speakers. We also emphasize that if you cannot identify the direction the sound is coming from it is not important, it is the focus and concentration of exercising the brain that is important.

It is difficult for me to judge how someone who is partially deaf would find the monitor, because if anything I tend towards sound sensitivity.

I am comfortable recommending the monitor to members who do struggle with headphones or who are partially deaf. So thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this quality piece of equipment.


Best regards,
Tom Donaldson
Tinnitus Tunes